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Ever heard of body shaming ? It's most likely that everybody knows about it  , possibly in another name.

Tokeo la picha la body shaming testimonials

It's something that people do either knowingly or unknowingly , and the victims either know that they are being  body shamed or not . All I can say that body shaming is traumatising and it's something people should be made aware of so that they can stop doing it.

Personally I think body shaming is so judgemental and could make one feel bad about themselves . Some victims can handle this positively , but to others it could lead to some negative consequences such as losing their confidence , depression.

What is body shaming ?

Body shaming is the practice of making potentially humiliating comments about a person's body size ,shape, appearance  or weight .

Tokeo la picha la body shaming testimonials

Criticising your own appearance, through a judgement or comparison to another person is also considered as body shaming.

It happens to both common men and women but more commonly among women ; where the society judges a person according to their body.

We are are all created differently , with different sizes , shapes and appearance . Being different is what makes us , we cannot all be the same . Just imagine a world where we are all the same , what could be the point of existence then.

Body Shaming Statements

Here are some body shaming statement most of us use ;

Tokeo la picha la body shaming

Tokeo la picha la body shaming

It all begins with us ;

We live in a generation where almost everything is super stressful , and I think some things should be just be left unsaid . If you have a comment about somebody's appearance, size , weight , shape you can just help that person by keeping the comment to yourself.

Let's all stop body shaming.

Tokeo la picha la body shaming

 "Being a victim of body-shaming really messed me up for a bit"~ Selena Gomez

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