Having a man does not stop us from having male friends. And your man should understand that you are human and you had such friends even before you met him. But, there should be a difference on how you treat your man and how you treat your guy friends. Don't make your man feel like he is competing for your love and attention.


The big question is how do you differentiate the two , below are some tips that could be helpful.

How to treat other men when you got your own man.
  • Avoid contact with any man to whom you feel attracted , either emotionally or physically.
Such things do happen because you have a life too , and it's not like you two will be together all the time. There are times when you might develop feelings for somebody else but if you really love your man then stay away from that other man.

  • Avoid having a male best friend.
There is no such thing as a male best friend when you got a guy already. Your man is supposed to be your best friend despite the ups and downs.

  • Avoid telling your relationship problems to another man or having another man as a confidant.
Women easily get attached to people who listen to  them , to their problems. Girl , give your man some respect . I know sometimes you might have some misunderstandings , but you got to be strong for him or you could talk to a female friend , or your family member.

  • Avoid being alone with another man. 
Sometimes our minds make decisions but our bodies want something else . Try to avoid being alone with another man  to save yourself the trouble of giving in to what your body wants.

  • Avoid seemingly innocent Internet relationships.
We live in a world where social media is very dominant and plays a great role in our lives . What you think is innocent just because the man is on the other side of the world could destroy your relationship.


Since you decided  to have a man then stay on your lane.