How do you know that you are dating a mama's  boy?

It is a good thing when your man loves and takes care of his mother (your mother in law ) but sometimes it could be too much that it affects your relationship. We see such scenarios in movies , but they do happen in real life and trust me it is not pleasant.

He might look alright from the outside when you two first meet ; good looking , athletic body and all that but deep inside he could be a mama's boy.

 So here are some signs that will determine if the love of your life is a mama's boy or not.

  • He tells her everything.
If your man tells his mother everything, that is a bad sign .That’s because in order to have a healthy relationship , your guy should have some boundaries on what to tell her. There are some things that should be between you two , if he tells everything to his mama then that relationship is a three people relationship not two.

  • He is financially dependent.
If he still lives at home in  his 20's or he always call his mother for everything   then watch out  girl. Of course, this means he is likely to be financially dependent on her.
Just the thought of having a man taking you out on   a date , or getting you something for your birthday or anniversary with mother in law's financial support sucks.

  • He always takes her side over yours.
If you find that your man is unable to hear anyone else’s opinion, including yours, then this is a good indicator that it will be difficult for him to make room for your voice in making important decisions as the relationship deepens.

If he always compares you to her and thinks you don't stand a chance against her in anything , that's a danger sign.

She is his mother and you are his woman , he should learn the difference.

  • He needs her approval in decision making.
If your guy is seeking approval from his mom his every life decision, you can be assured she decides on what kind of girl he should date. Am pretty sure no woman would love that.

  • He is always talking about her.
He includes her in almost all talks that you two have . It's always " Mama did this..or that .." .  It's not wrong that he talks about his mama , but it is toxic for your relationship.

But I think mama's boys need love too, they need to date and marry the women they love except that they need to be handled differently.  How to handle them is
quite a different lesson which deserves another article.