Most of the time when people check you out , they start with the face and end up with the shoes. The right kind of shoe can boost your confidence, transform your look and make heads turn as soon as you enter the room.

There is something about heels that makes a woman look different, sexy and in control , there is no argument in that. I think every woman should own few pairs of heels in her closet.

If you are the sneakers and flat shoes type and  have a phobia for high heels, you should find one you can get comfortable with and stay balanced .

There is a great number of heels types and without realizing, most of them have probably crossed your path already.

Below are  the most common types of heels that you should probably know categorized into high , medium and low heels.


Every heel of at least four inches or more  falls into this category. 

    These particular heels can be 4 to 8 inches tall and mostly for petite and average heights because it make them appear taller. They are not recommended for beginners.


 These are a good substitute of stilettos as the straps on the ankle can help hold it firmly  for security purpose and keep from swinging too much. 

  • PUMPS 

    Pumps are another classic , and every girl should own at least one pair. It can be combined with a pair of jeans or a dress for social occasions.
    Pumps are similar to stilettos except that their front is flat. 


These are called platform heels because the sole is thick at the front of the shoe, making them very comfortable as the thick sole helps the foot balance well in it. Platform heels are best worn for nights-out.


Cut-out heels feature creative patterns along the shoe, which pretty much turn your foot into a fashionable piece of art.
These are becoming more trendy and fashionable these days.$XXL$&wid=513&fit=constrain 


These are the products of designers imaginative minds. 


Medium heels have the perfect office and everyday height ( not too high , not too low) . They are between three and four inches tall, which makes them ideal work shoes as they improve your posture without hurting your feet.


Peep toe heels are shoes, with a peephole in the front. These shoes add elegance to any outfit especially when your nails are well taken care of. 


Wedges are comfortable and balanced and are good for beginners. The wedged sole distributed weight evenly for a pleasant walking experience and a fashionable look. 


. They will keep you comfortable and give you a super cute look  when paired with that little  dress. 


These originate from the traditional Spanish sandal and are made of either a canvas or cotton fabric and a flexible sole made from woven  rope.,500_.jpg 


    Cone heels  are cone shaped and are pretty balanced.


    These are very thin, short and have pointed heels, very comfortable, are great if you’re uncomfortable walking in higher heels, or if you’re on the taller side but don’t want to abstain from wearing pretty heels because of it. This type of heels is always below three inches. 


      They  are defined by a thin strap around the heel, which secures the foot on the shoe.


      •  BLOCK HEELS

        Block heels have  a solid heel which tends to distribute your body’s weight differently resulting into a more comfortable stand. 

        • LACE UP HEELS 

          Lace-up heels typically originate from the classic ballerina shoe or the Roman gladiator sandal. They are  elegant, feminine  and sexy .

          • SQUARE HEELS.

          Square heels are similar to block heels,  except that  the blocks are more rectangular.

          • ANKLE BOOTS

            Every woman should have a pair of these in her wardrobe as they are stylish and chic. With a medium heel your feet will last you all day long.

          LOW HEELS 

          This is the best heels beginners can start with, you can go for the low ones or the ones that are well balanced with thick soles.

          • MULES

            If you prefer to slip in an out of your shoes rather easily, mules will be your thing.
            Mules are that heels that come out looking high at the top, although you could have an open or closed mule.




     These are the perfect addition to casual and smart dressing.


      This fashionable heel is shaped like a comma and  incredibly eye-catching.