Did you know that there are different sitting postures for men and women ? That there are  sitting postures that are ladylike? 

I know that is weird , like why should be there be rules when it comes to sitting . Well sitting postures have a much deeper meaning than we actually know.

Recently , as I was passing through my Instagram account one post caught my attention Instagram .  
I just noticed that all the ladies in that Instagram photo had the same sitting posture, and honestly it was ladyish and elegant and that is why I had to look into it. So that pops up the main question , how is a lady supposed to sit and why ? Below are some of the important tips that could be a guide to you all.


  • Always put your knees together.
  Make sure both your knees are squeezed next to each other. This will make sure that  you  keep your undergarments from showing, no matter how short your skirt may be.

  •   Placing your feet. 
You can either let your feet lie  flat on the ground or crossed at the ankles.
 If you are short then the ankle-cross is the best option. Note that there should be no space between your ankles.
If your legs are long then your knees should face to either your left or right ; it will make you look more feminine.  It is advisable that your knees should be towards the person you are talking to.

  • Always sit up straight. 
Do not lean back into your chair. Do not lean forward. For formal occasions, it's more ladyish  to sit in the center of the seat with your back not in contact with the chair.
  • Placing your hands.
 When not in use, keep your hands folded or holding a clutch. Rest them just above your thigh.
  • Switching leg position.
At some point while sitting, you may want to switch positions so that the opposite leg crosses over the other. Simply uncross your legs so that they are in the same position they were in right after you first sat down. Then, simply move the chosen leg over the other to return to a crossed position.