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 When was the last time you gave your man a gift ? How did he react ? Was he impressed ?

Hey there ladies , I know this is a tough one because it has become like a tradition that in the relationships it's the men who provide  , who give gifts . But girl relationships have to be two-way , he gives and you give ; Trust me that will make things way more interesting.

But here comes the big challenge , what do you get for him?  Honestly it's easy finding a gift for a lady , the choices are a lot but when it comes to men that becomes a tough nut to crack.

 Be it his birthday , your anniversary or just any random day ; girl you gotta get something for that man , he totally deserves it. And it will him feel special and who knows;  maybe that could make him more affectionate.   So it becomes a win-win situation.

Back to the main topic , what do you get for your man ? Well it doesn't have to be too expensive , and it shouldn't be too common ; be a bit creative every now and then , surprise him from time to time.


1. Consider the importance of the occasion( his birthday , your anniversary ,valentines , the day he bought his first car or got his first job )
 The size and value of your gift should somehow relate with the occasion.  You should have a good understanding how important a gift-giving occasion will be to your man.
2. Weigh romantic versus practical gifts. 
Romantic gifts are a  gesture of your love, whereas practical gifts are something with real value and use. Your  choice should depend on the occasion, the relationship and your man's preferences.
  • Romantic gifts include roses, heartfelt letters and wine.
  • Practical gifts have real use and range from socks to video games and they don't require a specific occasion 

3. Your choice should depend on his interests. 
 It is most likely you already have an in-depth knowledge of what your man is interested in. Take advantage of that knowledge, and let it guide you towards a gift. For instance, if your man is into sports, you can buy him a jersey for his favorite team.

4. Pay attention to your man's needs. 
Always be attentive to what your man say's  and surprise him by  buying something he says he wants .
5. Ask his friends for advice. 
 If your man has close friends, they might have know the things he's most interested in at the moment. Talking to them about it when your man's not around could offer some insight into what you'll ultimately be getting him.

6. Buy an experience instead of an item. 
 Instead of buying a  material gift  you could buy your man a ticket to his favorite artist performing live or take him to a vacation to a place where both of you have never been. This will turn the gift into a shared experience. 
7. Create something yourself. 
 If you have a talent like art ,writting or music, you can use it to your advantage. Write a song for your man and present it to him. Draw him a picture. These gifts are usually the cheapest, but they're also some of the most heartfelt and meaningful.
8. Choose something that recalls a shared memory. 
 Some of the most significant gifts you can give to  your man  are gifts that somehow symbolize your history together.

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