Hey there ladies, so I have something interesting to share with you today. I believe that each and every one of you has a purse or whatever kind of handbag that you carry with you when you go out. Every girl has her own style so I won't say a thing about what kind of bag you should carry, just go with your style baby girl.


But the question is, "what do you put in that purse?", or the question should be "what is really supposed to be in there?". Please take note, and thank me later.

1.Napkins/ wipes.

You have to stuff your purse with some napkins, or those sweet-smelling wipes. It is a necessity, especially when something spills on you, or when your shoes get dusty, etc. You all understand right.



Sometimes during the day, your hands could get dry, or when you wear open shoes, and it's all windy and your amazing legs get dry. Girl you need to do some moisturizing, and trust me you need some mini lotion in your purse. And not just any lotion, it should smell heavenly.

3.Lipstick/lip balm/gloss.

It is a crime for a lady to have dry lips,...

4.Your ID's.

Whether it's a school or an office ID, girl just carry it with you.


You have to have that breath in control.  Just got finished eating a meal with your friends.? Pop a mint. Had a few drinks at the bar? Pop in a piece of gum.Don’t be the girl talking in people’s faces with an onion or garlic breath.

6.Some cash.

You all know why this is a necessity.

7.Extra Tampons.

Do I really need to explain this?

8.A notebook and a pen.

This is what every modern lady should carry with her. Because this shows how systematic you are. Just a mini one, and buy yourself a girly looking notebook, it will make your purse look attractive.

9.A book to read.
Bookworms will understand this. It comes in handy when you get bored. Nicholas Sparks, James Hadley Chase, Sydney Sheldon books are highly recommended.


10.Business cards.

If you are already working then carry your business cards with you. You never know who you will meet.


Always carry your phone with you.


Sunglasses,mirror,your keys,a mini body spray/perfume,comb.

....#the struggles of being a lady...